Staycation in Muskoka

secret hammock in the woods Hidden hammock in the woods



There are so many places I would love to travel to but as fall approaches and the leaves start to turn their beautiful shades of crimson there is less time for exploring the world. Show season is just around the corner in November and it’s my hardest working month of non stop travel, working the retail trade shows along the west to east coast of Canada and staying on top of our wholesale and online orders through the holiday season. I can’t be away from the studio for long so it's not an option to bask in Bali or soaking up the sun in Hawaii, even though I would love to jet set away!

"Staycations are a vacation spent in your home city or day trips to local townships that are just a few hours away."


corn fields on the way to muskoka Glorious corn fields


I wish I could show you just how much endurance you need to sustain yourself through the craft show life but that will be for another journal entry as this will be an incredibly long post. I prepare and train for the holiday months like I'm running a 10km 30km marathon, staying healthy, mentally prepped, and maintaining an exercise routine to ward off any colds.

Since my studio is a work/home situation for the past year, it’s very hard to turn off work mode since it’s in the same space I’m living in. A change of scenery is the best way to recharge, reset and relax and so brings up the subject of staycations, (or holistays) which is a vacation spent in your home city or day trips to local townships that are just a few hours drive away.



 boathouse in muskoka Inside the boathouse


I’m a big fan of staycations. It’s a small taste of an overseas vacation with less jetlag, planning and expenses. It’s also a good alternative to getting out of the busy city just for the weekend that can be made with just a few days in advance. Ontario has so many places to discover that are only a few hours drive away.

 "A change of scenery is the best way to recharge, reset and relax."


 Bed and breakfast Muskoka Boathouse Breakfast in bed


Muskoka was on my bucket list of places to check out and I booked an Airbnb a few days in advance. I lucked out and found this beautiful charming B&B nestled on west bank of the Muskoka River with a charming boathouse lounge. It's a hidden gem. We took the canoe out that was sitting in their boathouse and the lounge just looked like a photo taken from a home decor magazine. Picture Perfect.

A short drive into the town, you can pick up groceries and shop the little boutiques and local sweet stores. Our first morning, breakfast was served in bed with homemade cinnamon buns and fresh tea and coffee. The epitome of breakfast in bed! It was such a delightful experience and I definitely felt more recharged to take on the work week. Your next vacation should be a staycation!





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