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Summer Art Markets

These summer months seem to be just flying by. I wrapped up two summer shows this past July, with my first outdoor exhibit at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show and a pop-up shop in the Concept Store at Yorkdale Mall for 2 weeks. It’s always a gamble doing outdoor shows, as Mother Nature isn’t very predictable. Remember our Barrie show of 2015? There was a thunderstorm warning, large balls of hail pelting us, and vendor’s tents flying away! It was my first foray into outdoor shows and I took a long hiatus after that traumatic experience.

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Craft Show: Makeology Almost Summer Show 2017

It was our first time at the Makeology Almost Summer Show, located in Hamilton Ontario. I’ve only heard good things about this show, so I signed up right away. It’s run by Melissa Lowry who is also a creator herself, so she knows the ins and outs of how to run a great craft show. My favorite thing about smaller craft shows is that it’s much easier to set up. I was amazed at the caliber of talent at the Makeology show. All of the table set-ups from each vendor were eye catching with beautiful displays. It's a show that is highly curated as every vendor had their branding on point. My love for table shows goes far back to...

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